Frequently Asked Questions


How does Squid work?

Squid operates by combining sequential compression with cold therapy. Each Squid wrap was uniquely developed for a specific body part with a sequential compression bladder* designed to direct swelling away from the treated body part while driving cold deep into the tissue. The combination of directional sequential compression and deep penetrating cold may help in reducing edema and pain while allowing better blood circulation in the treated area and reducing inflammation.

For athletes Squid is an excellent recovery tool providing high efficacy cold therapy while driving metabolites such as lactic acid away from the treated muscle, increasing local circulation and getting you ready faster for more action! The sequential compression and cold work together to remove lactic acid and drive the cold deep into the treated muscle or joint.

* Except for the Shoulder Wrap, which do not benefit from sequential compression.

How long is a treatment?

The duration of each treatment is 15 minutes and is controlled by the Squid pump control unit. At the end of each treatment the pump will sound a short beep and turn off.

How often can I use Squid?

When used with a clod gel pack Squid should not be applied to treat the same location more than once an hour to avoid risk of frostbite. When used without a gel pack (compression only) use as needed. Squid should be used over clothing or over the provided cloth barrier provided with the elbow, knee, leg, and wrist systems.

How is Squid different from other cold therapies?

Squid is the only system available that combines intermittent sequential compression with cold therapy. Regular cold gel packs and ice water circulators are less effective since the vascular blood vessels system located under the skin layer caries the cold away from the treated site, resulting in superficial cold treatment and less penetration into muscles ligaments and bones where it is mostly needed. In order to drive cold deep into the tissue Squid applies intermittent sequential compression, temporarily reducing venues blood flow and allowing the cold to penetrate through the skin deep into the muscles ligaments and bones.

In addition, the Squid gel pack can be frozen to 0° F while maintaining its elasticity thereby delivering significantly lower temperature compared to ice water circulators resulting in a significantly shorter treatment.

What is the warranty for Squid?

Squid Pump

How long does it take to charge the pump?

When first used, charge the pump for 8 hours or overnight. Consecutive charges will require 4-6 hours. The Squid pump will hold sufficient charge to drive 40-50 treatments before recharging. The Squid pump can be used while charging.

Squid Wraps

How to put on each wrap?

See the support page for step-by-step instructions.

Squid Gel Pack

How long does a gel pack needs to freeze?

When first used, freeze the gel pack for 12 hours to get maximum cold. After each use, the gel pack needs to be put back in the freezer for 3 hours to reach maximum cold once again.



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